An Hour Of Your Time at the Brink Lounge

This Friday at the Brink Lounge, I'll be running thru a new hour in prepping for recording a special to shop around to Netflix, HULU, Prime, Who ever will pay for it, etc. It's going to be a fun time to kick off the weekend. It's going to be a show of great local talent with Rich D'Amore hosting, Craig Smith featuring and Seth Endres popping in for a guest set. $10 cash at the door, Doors at 8, show starts at 8:30. Looking forward to seeing all of you there. Come and get your chuckles off ya hard working fuckles!



The Madison Mayoral Race Begins

I ran for mayor of Madison in 2011. I received 2% of the primary vote in February and as the joke goes, I only spent $120 of my roommate's money. That is the first rule in politics. Never play with your own money.

I did not run in 2015 (Conan had the wrong year) I was busy writing pilots, screenplays, jokes, the bits that pay the bills, sometimes, producing shows, drinking with all of you, moving the money around, having comedy royalty stop in to do some time. It happened, and most of you missed it. But for those that were there, we know.

Careful Nick, that sounds like bragging. Maybe it is? It's definitely a fact.

So racing season is upon us. The race to the beauracratic top. I'm pretty sure that is misspelled but that's how I write and approach my craft. No safety net or safe places, utter contempt for an audience, and sure as hell no spell-check.

A few have already declared their bid, trying to get a head start on the rhetoric. Those that have declared are Mo Cheeks, who if the vote was on name alone, he'd have mine. Mayor Mo Cheeks? Ya don't hate it.

There is Brenda Konkel who I am completely unfamiliar with though I have heard things said on bar stools (nothing bad by any means) which isn't really word on the street, it's close but not close enough to have an opinion. One thing is for sure, she is working harder than all of you who aren't running for mayor. It only takes 200 signatures folks. Name on the ballot. Brenda knows. Mayor Konkel doesn't have a bad ring to it either. I think we have the same birthday. Happy Bday Brenda.

Then there is Satya Rhodes-Conway, another city council member. Again, not familiar so I have to research.

Mitch Henck mentioned in his "Two Minutes with Mitch", he asked, "Does the Madison mayor race open door for a moderate?"

A few people have asked if I was going to run again? It's being considered. I'm not a politician but I am in show business, albeit stand-up comedy, the lowest rung of show bizz.

Paul Soglin is not seeking re-election. Does that open the Madison mayoral race for a comedian?

One thing is for sure, I'd be the only candidate with a late night tv credit. I know, I am an ass. But think about it. A comedian getting elected mayor? We could turn the entire city into a reality show and generate them show-bizz dollars.

The primary is 2/19/19. Don't! Get Involved!


Thank You Barry Crimmins

Barry announced a few weeks back that he had cancer. The son of a bitch was struck by lighting while on acid, cancer should be no problem. All this week though, I kept telling myself, "Nick, you should email Crimmins and thank him." For the past week he was on my mind. I'd better email him and then last night, a friend sent me a screen shot of a tweet his wife tweeted from his account saying Barry passed away. My heart sank. I waited too goddamn long.

Even if he didn't get a chance to read it, I should've sent it anyway. My thoughts are with his family and friends and even though I waited and it's too late to thank him, I'll thank everyone I can now. To everyone that I've met on this journey thru stand-up comedy - Thank you Dave Pickett, Barry Roberts, thank you Frandu, thank you Stefan Davis, thank you Nate Bjork, thank you David Z. Leon. thank you Ryan Casey, Thank you Ian John, Thank you Chris Waelti, thank you Rojo Perez, thank you Paul Hooper, thank you Josh Gondelman, thank you Nate Craig, thank you Andy Sandford, thank you Joe Zimmerman, thank you Nick Shaheen, thank you Rory Scovel, thank you Andy Haynes, thank you John Conroy, thank you Kevin Bozeman, thank you Mitch Burrows, thank you Kevin Shea, ya FUCK! Thank you Andrew Wegleitner, thank you Dave Waite, thank you Steve Gillespie, thank you Mary Mack, Thank you Tim Harmston, Thank you Tom Clark, Thank you Jon Huck, thank you Myles Anderson, thank you Kyle Kinane, thank you Dave Attell, thank you Marc Maron, thank you Chad Daniels, Thank you Marcos Lara, thank you Mike Liebowitz, thank you Anthony Siraguse, thank you Stacey Kulow, thank you Jake Snell, thank you Tyler Menz, thank you Sammy Arechar, thank you Mr. JJ, thank you Steve Brees, thank you Matt Donaher, thank you Alex Falcone, thank you Justin Lawson, thank you Anthony Robinson, thank you Bryan Morris, thank you Peter Grey, thank you Taylor Clark, thank you Mike Stanley, Thank you Antione McNeil, Thank you Nick Lynch. I know there are dozens more that I can't recall at this time but thank all of you all the same and lastly, thank you Bobcat Goldthwait for telling Barry Crimmins' story.

Thank you Barry. For your time, your advice, and your generosity. Thank you. Rest easy.